VELAMP INDUSTRIES was born thanks to the ambition of two managers, Guillaume Rissoan and Filippo Mangino, to be a major player on the LED business.

LED technology will change and orientate the business of lighting for at least the next 50 years: new shapes, electronics integration, new uses…. With 114 years of history and 48 years of brand, Velamp, an historical company on the Italian panorama and famous in Europe for its portable lighting products, intends to join the LED revolution.

Velamp is specialized on 3 main ranges of products:

Portable lighting: battery operated lights (flashlights, lanterns…), jobsite lighting, complement lighting. It is still one of Europe’s wider assortment

General lighting: with a functional identity we propose items for Outdoor (spheres, bulkheads, floodlights…) as well as indoor (table lamps, emergency lights…). The electronic vision of lighting leads us to be time to market at its maximum.

Home appliances and electric materials: We offer a selection of daily use item with 3 strongholds: quality (respect of EU norms especially), attractive and dialectical packaging, excellent quality / price ratio.

Further than the product, innovation and quality, Velamp knows the degree of exigence required to be a modern distribution company. Indeed Velamp offers a full chain of value added services who ensures our distributors, partners and end users to buy the best possible solution:
• Innovative and simple products. Perfect for promotions and high sellers.
• Studied lay-out. Designed for performance
• Clear, didactical, attractive packaging
• Fast deliveries with external logistics, 52 persons on the field, every day
Remember: 114 years of history will always male the difference!

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