black ZAP: Electric mosquito net, with UV bulb, 7W. black MK170 Velamp Mosquito killer

black ZAP: Electric mosquito net, with UV bulb, 7W. black

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black ZAP: Electric mosquito net 7W. black. attracts and electrocutes mosquitoes. Harmless to humans. Internal use.

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Super effective: our electric mosquito killer works with a high intensity ultraviolet bulb that attracts all annoying flying insects into the device. It kills them instantly when they come into contact with the powerful high voltage metal grids. Effective for an area up to 25 ㎡. No chemicals or odours. Our electric mosquito killer does not use any chemicals. It also produces no smoke, no smell, no spray. It is totally free of toxic substances and or any form of pollution. it is also absolutely harmless to the human body and pets. Perfect for the bedroom. Easy to use and clean. Our electric mosquito net is easy to use: just insert it into the socket. Dead insects are collected in the bottom tray, which can be easily removed for disposal and cleaning. Easy to clean with the small brush supplied. Safe and durable - our electric mosquito net is designed in hyper-resistant ABS plastic. It was conceived to avoid any contact with the metal grids. The energy-saving and efficient up lamp (7W) has a lifespan of 8,000 hours and can be replaced if necessary. Quality and service: Velamp is an Italian company that has been operating on the Italian market since 1906.

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