ATEX flashlighrts and ATEX headlamps


Compact, safe, rechargeable or not, VELAMP LED flashlights are compliant with ATEX the regulations (explosion-proof). They will ensure you: power, ease of use and safety in environments at risk of explosion.

Our ATEX LED flashlights are high quality flashlights, tested by the most reputable laboratories and of professional quality.

These are flashlights for use in hazardous locations or in an emergency and are therefore professional flashlights.

Firefighters, military, service stations, agricultural silos, pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, naval transport: these high-level professionals choose ATEX Velamp torches. They are all ZONE 0 flashlights and are of different types:

ATEX flashlight, ATEX rechargeable LED flashlight, headlamp, chest torch, ATEX rechargeable headlight... you will find everything you need on the Velamp website.

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