Velamp withdraws from the market the electric heater mod. PR010-2
with serial number 210215
For risk of breakage and fire

Velamp invites all customers who have purchased the Velamp electric heater model PR010-2, serial code S / N: 210215, not to use the product and contact Velamp for resolution of the problem.

Safety has always been a priority for Velamp Industries Srl. All our products are tested and approved in accordance with the strictest standards and applicable laws.
Nevertheless, we have received a report regarding the engine block which, in some cases, may break and detach from its support. In this circumstance, the resistance would come into contact with the plastic, and the heater could catch fire.
Velamp, which in the meantime is carrying out further checks and investigations, invites all customers to return the product to the point of purchase return the productand receive a refund. The receipt is not required but only the return of the product.

This recall only affects serial 210215. This serial is on the CE label

The Management reported:
“We have received reports from the Czech Republic that the support that holds the engine block could have sealing defects and therefore could create significant damage to the product and people. “.
“ Customer safety is the top priority for Velamp and for this reason we have decided to withdraw the electric heater model PR010-2,as a precautionary measure.”
Customers can return the electric heater model PR010-2 to the purchase store, where they will receive a full refund.
To receive the refund, a receipt is not required.
For information contact Customer Service on +39 02 45 100 807 or

Corsico, 1 December 2021

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